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n-Heptane for HPLC

Cas: 142-82-5

Product specifications

Molecular weight100.2
chemical formulaC7H16
DescriptionAPHAA clear colourless liquid, not more than 10 APHA in colour
Minimum Assay (GC, on anhydrous basis)%99.0
UV transmittance (min.) at:
200 nm%20
220 nm%80
245 nm%98
Fluorescence as quinine
254 nmppb1
365 nmppb1
Water (KF)%max. 0.01
Acidity (CH3COOH)%max. 0.001
Residue on evaporation%max. 0.0005

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Product description

Filtered through 0.2 ?m membrane filter. Packed under inert gas.

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